Discover The Secrets Used by Men Who Effortlessly Attract Women

Do you often consider why you aren’t walking down the street with the woman of your dreams on your arm, yet some guys just seem to have the knack of attracting women? Okay, so this article will help you to discover the secrets used by men who effortlessly attract women, and maybe you can heed some of this advice.

As the saying goes; “there’s someone for everyone”, so please be reassured, that even though you may not look, or have a physique like Tom Hardy, women who are seeking to date a man, aren’t necessarily looking for a Hollywood pin-up.

Women’s minds tend to work on several levels, therefore a clever man will be attuned to this, and employ these tactics when trying to attract a partner:

It’s all about that first impression

If you are fortunate enough to be in the company of a lady you are hoping to take on a date, then the first impression she gets of you is crucial. Be it a colleague at work, or the lady that serves you your morning coffee in Starbuck’s, the initial attraction is totally down to you.

  • Smile – Smiling is key here; there is something attractive to a woman, about a man that smiles, comes across as positive, which in itself exhumes confidence. Women like a confident man.
  • Eye-contact – Do this without looking like you are staring! Once again, a sure sign of self-confidence, and that you are comfortable with interacting with a stranger.
  • Smell amazing – One thing that will make a woman go weak at the knees, is a man who smells nice. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than being bowled over by the aroma of a masculine scent as he enters her personal space. This will certainly gain her attention.
  • Make the first move – You may not be the most confident man in the world, but you may miss out on a chance to date your dream woman if you don’t cease the moment when you get the chance. Use simple observation to start that conversation; comment on her nails, her hair, or how nice she smells, this will certainly get you off and running, if the attraction is mutual.

In an age of online dating, the chances are, that the first impression a lady is going to get of you is one she is reading on an app profile. It is relatively easy to get this right, with three simple things to consider:

  • How does she see you? – Photograph choice is key here. A handful of recent, clean, candid photo’s, showing ‘you’ as opposed to a group of your mates on a drinking binge in Croatia, is what a woman will want to see. Ensure they don’t have your ex cropped out of them; you aren’t holding a carp, or hanging cuddling up to a tiger, and you should be in luck.
  • Say something interesting about yourself – There is nothing more off-putting than reading a man’s dating profile, where he actually tells a woman nothing about himself. Stick to the facts, don’t embellish them, remain positive, giving a clear indication as to what you are looking for. You’ll be sure to capture her interest.
  • Make the most of that opening message – This is your make or break opportunity. Firstly, read her profile, then ensure you mention in your first message, something which clearly demonstrates you have. That way she will think you are serious about getting to know ‘her’ and are not just attracted by what she looks like.

So, having got her initial attention, how do you maintain the momentum of interest?

Have you minimised your relationship ‘baggage’?

For a woman, there is nothing more off-putting than dating a man where it is very clear, he hasn’t either got over, or escaped from his ex. Entering in to a new relationship should, for both parties, be a fresh start, new beginnings, leaving all previous relationship ‘issues’ behind, both practically, and emotionally. Going on a date with a woman you are keen to please, but still, for example, receiving texts from your ex, or worse still phone-calls, really isn’t a good look. To discover the secrets of men who effortlessly attract women, relationship baggage must be a crucial matter to contend with. A strong man, and one who most certainly is ready to get out there are date and form new relationships, will have already put boundaries in place with an ex, and closed doors appropriately.

Treating a woman as an equal

In an age where women want to be treated as equals, despite men still wanting to be the ‘alpha male’, this old school mentality quite simply doesn’t cut it. A man who is successful in attracting women, is undoubtedly one who finds an even balance of being both old-fashioned and gentlemanly, blended the ability to appreciate that the female half of a duo wants to be acknowledged as an equal participant in a relationship, with no obvious power division. The example here would be, that you take the initiative, and come up with an idea for an unforgettable date, but you run options past your would-be date, and let her make the final decision. Once you’ve passed that milestone, and are actually on the date, actions such as ‘going Dutch’ an splitting the restaurant bill, will stand you in good stead as a modern man.

Unfortunately even the best looking guys have to make an effort to attract women, as it is possible to be amazing looking, yet have absolutely no personality, or consideration for a member of the opposite sex whatsoever. Use self-reflection to be honest with yourself. Identify your good and bad points, and make adjustments where necessary. Most importantly, in order to discover the secrets used by men who effortlessly attract women, you must to an extent be yourself, maybe you just need to consider how you act towards women, and how they perceive you, and with a little bit of confidence, a splash of your favourite aftershave, a good helping of patience, and a strong determination, you really can’t go wrong!

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