3 Early Tell-Tale Signs of Pregnancy You Cannot Afford to Miss

Are you anxiously awaiting the day you finally miss your period?

Do you have a stockpile of every pregnancy test brand on the market on-hand for the sure-fire sign it’s time?

It sounds like you’re getting a little impatient for your pregnancy, and I can’t blame you!

Having a baby will change your life forever, and once you and your partner make the big decision to take the leap, you will not be able to contain your excitement.

I have great news. You don’t have to wait until your missed period to find out whether you’re pregnant.

A cervical exam by a physician is the only way you’ll really know, so don’t call the grandparents just because you exhibit one of the following symptoms.

However, these early signs of pregnancy are common, and it’s OK to secretly jump for joy if you think it might be time.

1. Fatigue

We all feel tired from time to time, but the fatigue you’ll face as you conceive will be intense and short-lived. Your body will be working overtime to care for the egg after it’s fertilised, which is why you might feel extra tired.

This is a tough one to notice because lots of things can make us tired.

Try not to confuse early pregnancy fatigue with the exhaustion you feel after staying up to watch “The Daily Show” or the hangover you have from girls’ night (though, you shouldn’t be drinking at all if you want to get pregnant!).

This fatigue will be all-consuming, and you might even feel like you’re coming down with something. You are, and it’s called pregnancy.

Shortness of breath might accompany this fatigue. Like I said, your body is working overtime, so climbing that set of stairs while also prepping the uterus for human life might prove to be too much.

2. Nausea and Vomiting

We all know what it means when we throw up first thing in the morning. Morning sickness is most definitely a tell-tale sign of pregnancy.

Assuming you weren’t out partying the night before and have had unprotected sex recently, you can assume that morning moment with the toilet bowl was in fact an early sign of pregnancy.

Nausea is another such symptom. If you’re getting nauseous throughout the day and can’t seem to figure out why, you’d better stop at Walgreens on the way home.

Remember the scene in “Knocked Up” when Katherine Heigl’s character throws up in the trash can right in the middle of the workday? Keep that scene in mind as you try to conceive.

Your nausea might also be accompanied by food aversions.

If you open up a carton of lo mien from your favorite Chinese place and suddenly feel as though you’re going to throw up, congratulations! You’re probably pregnant.

Similarly, you’ll be extra sensitive to smells. If you find yourself asking your partner why he put so much extra cologne on this morning, it’s time to take a test.

Many women report feeling constipated before their missed period as well. Basically, your digestive tract is going haywire, so pay attention to any of these abnormalities.

Signs That Your Period Is Coming (It’s Not!)

The third early sign that you’re pregnant is actually a whole set of signs. Many of the early symptoms of pregnancy mimic those of PMS.

Most of us feel breast tenderness as our period approaches. Breast tenderness, though a clear sign of menstruation, is also a tell-tale pregnancy sign that can occur before your missed period.

If you notice that your breasts are swollen and tender earlier than usual, get ready because your period might not be on its way.

Spotting is another tricky symptom masked as menstruation.

Often, women are expecting to either get their period or miss it, so they assume that a day of spotting is actually menstruation.

Spotting occurs after an egg is fertilized. If you bleed only a little bit for one day, there’s a good chance your period won’t be making an appearance. Cramps can sometimes accompany this spotting, so it’s definitely symptoms in disguise.

3. Mood Swings

Do you hate everyone and everything in the week leading up to your period? Do you cry over commercials and yell at inanimate objects? Then there’s yet another early sign hat you could mistake for menstruation.

Mood swings are common for women who have just conceived because their hormones are just on the cusp of going absolutely haywire.

If you’re feeling moody, it might be your oncoming period, or you might be pregnant.

Backaches and headaches, other PMS symptoms, are also associated with early pregnancy.

Be extra aware of your body while you’re trying to conceive. The signs that you’re pregnant might be subtle, but if you feel one or more, you should try to test for your pregnancy before you even miss your period.

Like I said, only a real examination by a physician can determine whether you are really pregnant, but looking out for these signs will help you as your excitement builds.

To recap, these are tell-tale signs your pregnancy is about to start:

  • You feel fatigued and short of breath.
  • You feel nauseous for no apparent reason and vomit in the morning

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