How to Build a Six-Figure Freelance Writing Business?

If you have been wondering about the best way to start your own freelancing business and what are the necessary steps you must take if you want to be successful, this article and my story can be essential in making the best decision.

Building a successful freelancing business is not easy even though many glorified Internet marketing gurus make it seem so. Becoming a successful writer, designer or a marketer takes a lot of courage, discipline, determination and a ready attitude to adopt new skills every day.

My Short Story as An Introduction

I started my journey a few years back when I saw an article from a guy who claimed he was making money hand over fist by spinning articles using his special software. In fact, he was only making money by selling that software to the losers such as me. I believed I could replicate his success and do the same thing and earn big money overnight.

Unfortunately, as soon as I bought the software and spun my first article, I came to a realization that I have been tricked and left without a viable business idea. The content this software was producing was poor and barely readable. Unlike many other people who have bought the software, realized the mistake and just gave up, I have decided to pursue an actual career of a professional article writer.

It took me a long time to become good at writing because I thought that writing is a different skill to any other, being something you either can or can’t do, and if you can’t- there is absolutely nothing you can do.

Writing is a skill that can be crafted- putting in an enormous amount of hours made me a good candidate for any person running a small business online.

After 3 years and 56 days, I finally managed to pull out a 6-figure salary. I started by making several dollars per 1,000-word article to making several hundred dollars with the same-size content.

In this article I will share some of the most useful advises regarding starting your own freelance writing business. Many of these tips can be applied to running any other type of freelance businesses, though it is tailored to those willing to make a six-figure salary by writing articles and other online content.

Tip #1: Find Your Writing Style and Your Niche

This is one of the best tips I can give to every beginner starting out. If you manage to find your style and write expert content in a handful of niches, you will manage to build a lucrative career.

I am not sure how many times I see writers who somehow can write content in every niche out there and still produce top-quality content. A lot of people fell for that and start ordering thousands of words thinking they finally found a person who will be an all-in-one solution for their content needs.

As soon as they receive the content, they realize that there is no top-quality and the articles are just that same information found on every corner repackaged with a different title and an informative boring style of writing.

Never pursue a career of “all-niche” writers. By carefully choosing only up to 3 niches to write in, you will develop an inner sense and have information in those niches that others don’t have. You will charge more for the content of the same size and you will love what you do as you are passionate about your topics.

By choosing the style of writing, you will establish yourself as an authority in your industry and most people would recognize your writing in a second.

Tip #2: Write a Lot!

Don’t be scared to take a lot of writing work and put more hours into honing your writing skills. It will eventually pay off. When I first started out, I did not know that if I write more, I will get better. I was scared to take on many high-paying assignments because I believed I was not good enough.

I was stuck in the same position with the same paycheck for a long time because I was scared to get out and I believed I was not good enough.

That is some poor thinking I would love for you to avoid. Even if it turns out that you are not good enough for a high-paying client, you managed to gain a quality feedback that will help you improve and you gained confidence to approach others as well.

Go out on a limb and write. Take a lot of writing work, even if you think you are not good enough. Progress, not perfection.

Tip #3: Do More Than Expected

Last but not least, always do more than what is expected from you. A client orders 3,000-word article about weight loss. You deliver 3,500-word article+ some exclusive high-quality photos.

A client didn’t expect from you to do that, but you made an additional effort and you showed your worth. He, then, starts assigning more content to you because you seem like a hard-working person. He recommends your services to his friends and colleagues and you start gaining even more work.

You repeat the process with every new client. Soon enough, you find yourself with more content than you can handle and you don’t know what to do.

Instead of outsourcing your work to other writers which is always a risking solution, you should raise the price of your services.

Surely, you may lose some of the clients in the process but those who really value the content you produce will stay and pay you more money because you have shown earlier that you can be trusted and that you produce content of the highest-quality.

If you keep repeating this process you will be able to set and work at any price you can imagine. It may looks like a simple process to follow, however, it is a lot harder than you can imagine

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