10 Tips to Attract More Readers to Your Blog

Traffic is the bloodline of every website on the Internet. Without traffic, you can hardly accomplish anything. In order for you to create sales, you will need to draw regular readers to your blog.

Bloggers are constantly seeking useful ways to draw people to read all of the content they produce but in the process of getting new ideas and building out links to rank their blog high in searches, they often forget the most fundamental ways to draw people to a website.

I will include 10 tips that will help you attract more readers and some of these you’ve already seen or read but you still don’t know how to successfully use them as a tool.

1. Building Useful Content.

I am not saying your content should be of the highest possible quality. Truth to be told, there is no blogger out there who reached perfection with their writing. In some ways, we all suck at what we do. There will always be people who will hate the content we create.

However, most people do not realize how terribly they need to constantly improve the content on their website. For example, if you are running an SEO blog, you simply can’t afford to have out-dated tips from the last year.

2. Blog commenting.

Most people easily throw away this old tactic because they think it doesn’t work anymore. That is partially true. This old tactic was used for gaining a backlink from a relevant blog which was intended to increase the rank of a website in search engines.

Nowadays, I use this tactic to build relationships with other fellow bloggers. You can’t imagine how satisfying is to see someone make a genuine comment regarding your post and that is why people still appreciate this good old traffic generation technique.

3. Guest Blogging.

Again, most people throw away this technique because they think it is out-dated and that Google doesn’t prefer blogs who use it. In essence, Google doesn’t prefer blogs who take use of this method and guest post for the sole reason of getting a backlink.

Fortunately for all of us, guest blogging is still more than a reliable way to build decent traffic to a website if used correctly.

4. The Skyscraper technique.

If you haven’t heard of this one, it’s because it became recently popular and it practically blew up the Internet the day it went out. I will not go into deep with this method but I will try to explain the simple steps of it. This technique is all about “stealing” traffic from fellow bloggers.

The way to do that is by analysing the industry’s most read content and creating a new and better one.

Once you accomplish that, you will need to share your content with other bloggers and let them see that you have a piece of content that is worth sharing.

You can find many successful examples of skyscraper technique all over the Internet.

5. Blogger outreach

People who think they don’t need networking and other bloggers to build their own traffic are making a terrible mistake. You see, the path to building a traffic flood website is by using and manipulating other people. It may sound harsh and cold-blooded but that is how it’s supposed to be.

When I blog, I regularly use roundup posts, interviews and podcasts where I feature other bloggers and happily link to them. Because I am unselfish and do that, they feel the need to share my content with their readers.

6. Advertising

When I mention this technique, most people react by telling me they do not have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising that may or may not bring sales.

I agree. In my entire life, I have never spent more than $20-$50 per ad. However, that does not mean I haven’t managed to reach big success with advertising. A few months ago I decided to promote a post that happened to be one of the best things I wrote lately. I knew it will become big and I believed it had an opportunity to go viral.

I had decided I want some initial boost in traffic and I invested only $10 in Facebook ads. By carefully analyzing and targeting, I managed to pull of some big affiliate sales from this post and my investment paid of 20x.

7. Create compelling videos.

This technique may not work for some of the blogs out there since not every niche is suited to have a video but for all others, I believe that this little tip can create recurring traffic that will build huge sales.

Building a quality video may not be as hard as you think. It has a learning curve but you can learn the skill in less than a week. An easy piece of software you can use is Camtasia Studio but for the more professional use I recommend Adobe Premiere.

8. Use the power of Twitter.

One of my favorite traffic generation methods is definitely Twitter. Most people do not even realize how powerful this social media network actually is. The way to use Twitter is to target certain people with your tweet. If you decide to only tweet the message to everyone, you will never use the power that is right at your hand.

When I tweet, I tend to tag people who are relevant to the post and who have a great number of followers. This technique is not effective always and you need to know your way around with words but if an industry influencer you tagged decides to share your post, you are riding a huge wave of traffic!

9. Forum posting

The same rule that applies for the blog commenting, applies for the forum posting. It is out-dated when it comes to SEO purposes, but it is still a great provider of new connections and great traffic.

10. Blogging communities

Most of the niches out there have several blogging communities that are being regularly visited by top bloggers willing to share their advice and content. The way to use these blogging communities is to comment other people’s posts more and promote your content less.

Most people would disagree here and say that has no logic but if you have actually ever decided to visit one of these places, you would realize that people who have one purpose in mind, which is to only share their own content, get easily kicked out of these places.

Their content might be good but when it comes to traffic generation, having good content is not enough.


If you decide to follow these 10 tips, I can guarantee a constant stream of fresh traffic. They, however, need to be used right and remember, every small factor matters.

Good luck!